Radio interview and book release of “legends of doe hoe”

Belated post…

On January 11th, I sat down with Eric Holcomb on 1320 KLWN in Lawrence to discuss poetry. Other guests of the program included Eric McHenry, the current Kansas Poet Laurette, and Iris Appelquist.  The interview can be accessed here.

On February 13th, I will be the featured reader at Blue Mondays at the Uptown Arts Bar. KC area poet Crista Siglin will graciously also be featured at this event. This reading will be the official book release of my first solo work in over ten years entitled “legends of doe hoe”(Spartan Press, 2017). Fifty pages of work consisting of 23 poems centering on my struggles and recovery of the death of the Muse in which the transitory act of passing and healing wasn’t determined or restrained by the concept of time.  It has been my most challenging work to date as I poetically documented my path of recovery and healing from multiple suicide attempts and my own struggles with depression.

Pre-ordering is available. Payment via Paypal, $12 + $1.50 shipping and handling to Contact me for alternative ordering avenues as well.


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